The Doux Group:

Is one of the global market leaders for exports of poultry and processed products, established in France - 1930;

Has more than 4,300 breeder partners;

Doux products are sold in 130 countries at 5 continents;

Doux produces chicken in whole and in cuts, beside further processed products (FPP) such as chicken burger, hotdog with different flavors, etc.

100% Halal slaughtered, in accordance with Islamic regulations

Whole Chicken - Doux
Whole Chicken

Doux Frozen Whole chicken

Range: 650g to 1400g

Doux Fit life
Whole Chicken

Doux Fitlife Whole Chicken

Range:800g to 1300g

Doux Chicken Burger
Chicken FPP

Doux Chicken Burger

Range: 620g

Breaded Burger
Chicken FPP

Doux Breaded Chicken Burger

Range: 330g

Chicken FPP

Doux Chicken Steak

Range: 600g

Doux Chicken Fingers
Chicken FPP

Doux Chicken Fingers

Range: 500g

Chicken FPP

Doux Chicken Nuggets

Range: 300g

Doux Chicken Franks
Chicken Franks

Doux Chicken Franks

Flavors: Original, Cheese, Garlic, Spicy, Smoked, Arabic Spices, Smoked Turkey

Range: 340g and 400g

doux frozen turkey
Whole Turkey

Doux Frozen Whole Turkey

Range: 3,400g to 4,000g