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At Almunajem Foods, we recognize that investing in our people is the most important investment we will ever make, and the best way to ensure we achieve our business goals together.

We have come a long way, and to grow in today’s competitive and ever changing global economy, we have set our sights and standards high and seek to exceed them.

​The only way we can grow together as a strong and cohesive organization is through our strongest asset – our people.

We offer employees numerous career opportunities, in a culture that rewards quality performance and supports them in their journey to success.

​Every employee is supported to grow to their full potential through better learning and development opportunities to ensure that their careers at Almunajem Foods are enjoyable and long lasting. We also aim to attract and retain the best talent to make a stimulating workplace, where people want to come and work, and where people stay and aspire to grow with our businesses.

Almunajem Foods has a bright and exciting future, elevating our people to the next level is a considerable investment and exciting opportunities lie ahead!​

We are looking for interns or coop students from various majors to join Al Munajem team. This training opportunity is only for graduating students who are looking to satisfy their graduation requirements.
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