Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen potato, appetizer and vegetable products to restaurants and consumers throughout the world.

Lamb Weston was originally incorporated in 1950.

The company has a history of rapid growth, which it plans to continue through innovative technical advancements, new product development, and superior performance.

French Fries Lambweston
French Fries

LambWeston French Fries

Flavors: Original Fries, Extra Crispy, Steath Fries

Range: 1KG & 2.5KG


Lambweston Onion Rings

Range: 1Kg

Potato Crisscuts - Lambweston
Potato Crisscuts

LambWeston Potato Crisscuts

Range: 750g & 2.5Kg

Potato Happy Bites

LambWeston Potato Happy Bites

Range: 1Kg

Potato Hash Browns - Lambweston_600px
Potato Hash Browns

LambWeston Potato Hash Browns


Potato Twisters- Lambweston
Potato Twister

LambWeston Potato Twister

Range: 750g & 2.5Kg

Potato Wedges - Lamb weston
Potato Wedges

LambWeston Potato Wedges

Range: 750g & 2.5kg

Lambweston Ziggy Fries
French Fries

Lambweston Ziggy Fries

Range: 750g