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The word “Dari” means “my home” in the Arabic language. It has been strategically chosen as a brand name to remind mothers of the good old days when food was homegrown, flavors were true, and everyone knew what they were eating.

We at Almunajem Foods are committed to meeting the highest levels of quality standards expected by mothers. As such, we guarantee that Dari’s products are the best of what nature offers, then instantly packed to preserve its nutritious and healthy qualities expected from Dari.

Backed by 60 years of experience in importing, producing, marketing and distributing frozen foods, dairy and dry line products, we’ve ensured only top-notch suppliers for Dari’s natural, fresh, authentic and wholesome products. The best meat, poultry, dairy and their derivatives are from farm-raised livestock. Fruits, vegetables and olives are carefully handpicked from the best nature has to offer.

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Whole Chicken Dari
Whole Chicken

Dari Frozen Whole Chicken

Range: 900g to 1200g

DARI original FRANKS
Chicken Franks

Dari Chicken Franks

Flavors: Original, Cheese

Range: 340g

Whole Duck

Dari Frozen Whole Duck

Range: 1800g to 2200g

Dari Quail
Whole Quail

Dari Frozen Quails

Range: 600g

Minced Chicken

Dari Minced Chicken

Range: 400g

French Fries

Dari French Fries

Flavors: Original Fries, Thin Fries

Range: 2KG & 2.5KG

Dari 1kg Wedges
Potato Wedges

Dari Potato Wedges

Range: 1KG

Potato Twister

Dari Curly Fries

Range: 1KG

Spanish Meat

Dari Lamb leg

Meat: Lamb

Range: 1200g

Origin: Spain

Spanish Meat

Dari Baby Lamb loins

Meat: Lamb

Range: 900g

Origin: Spain

Spanish Meat

Dari Marinated Lamb loins

Meat: Lamb

Range: 900g

Origin: Spain

Minced Meat

Dari Frozen Lamb Mince

Meat: Lamb

Range: 400g

Frozen Green Beans

Dari Green Beans

Weight: 400g

Dari Peas
Frozen Peas

Dari Frozen Peas

Weight: 400g & 900g

Frozen Peas

Dari Frozen Peas & Carrots

Weight: 400g & 900g

Frozen Molokheya

Dari Frozen Molokheya

Weight: 400g

Mixed Vegetables

Dari Mixed Vegetables

Weight: 400g, 900g
Variety: With Corn or without

Dari Corn Cobs

Dari Frozen Corn Cobs

Weight: 900g


Dari Mango

Range: 1KG


Dari Strawberry

Weight: 1Kg.